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When is the best time to invest in your team’s development?
Team and People Development
ANYTIME - that’s the best time to invest in your team’s development, no matter if you are a start-up in its early stages or a well-established business. 
But is this a strategically viable option for both, start-ups and well established businesses, considering that the priorities, the budgets and the needs are different?
The answer is YES, it is viable because the people in your team are a critical competitive advantage that will help your business thrive.
For well-established businesses, the topic of people development is a strategic process. It is considered a must-have to grow and be competitive. People development is a well-defined part of the management process, and it has its specific flow and KPIs. Everything is budgeted and well planned.

But for the start-ups, especially in their early stages, the concept of People Development is not always looked at as a competitive advantage. The focus is more on developing, testing, and deploying the product/service, marketing campaigns, and attracting investors.  
People development is overlooked because the young start-ups rely mainly on the energy and drive of their co-founders and their first team members. They are very talented people who bring their knowledge and skills into the business.
As a business leader, one big mistake you can make is to believe that only the passion and the talent of your people are enough to grow and consolidate the business. You have to be aware that it is all about the early-stage “let’s do it” type of energy driving and bringing the best in everyone.
But, don’t forget that even if your team structure is not comparable with the one of a well-established business, you are working with the same “resource”: humans. Humans need to be motivated and to feel engaged in order not to lose their energy and drive.
All these can be achieved if your people learn and develop their skills. Still, if they are not the curious or the self-thaught kind, then you must create learning contexts for them that will give them the chance to assess themselves, to try new things, and to learn new skills. 

Be sure that this early investment in your people will bring positive energy and knowledge to your business. It will help you establish and strengthen healthy habits in your team.
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