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Recruitment Marketing strategy - The Candidate Experience screening platform for Recruiters
It is said that not more than 30% of organizations understand what Recruitment Marketing is. The Recruitment Marketing strategy is often overlooked when developing the HR strategy, wrongly being confused with the Employer branding.
Employer Branding is considered the employer’s reputation in the labor market, while Recruitment Marketing is the marketing of that brand to attract job candidates.
The job applicant experience such as the one provided through the platform is a significant pillar for a successful Recruitment marketing strategy.

We are all aware that one essential skill people discovered/developed during the past 15 months is to feel more and more comfortable with video, both in professional and personal life. 
For many professionals, it was the perfect method to connect and communicate during the lock-down. Using video, many businesses have re-desing quickly and adapted some of their processes to the new reality and flawlessly transitioned to efficient remote collaboration.

Studies show that 60% of hiring managers and recruiters were using video technology before Covid-19, and in 2021, more than 80% of organizations are saying that they interview candidates using virtual technology. 

What is On-demand Video Interview?
It is a job application process that allows a candidate to answer pre-defined video interview questions that will be then submitted together with their personal data to be reviewed by a recruiter.

Both Candidates and Recruiters admit that a job application process using on-demand video interview is the perfect substitute for the traditional screening and selection process.

For Candidates, the most important benefits are:
1. They can participate in the interviews when and where is more convenient and comfortable for them, removing a bit from the interview anxiety.
2. The process is simple and is not asking you to fill loads of data fields.
3. The video interview experience is less stressful than a regular interview because the platform allows them to re-record their video responses, so they are not pressured to get everything right the first time. 

Strengthen your Recruitment Marketing Strategy by improving the Candidate Experience using the screening platform. 
Book a DEMO following the link below to discover all the available features, create a free account, and get started!
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