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How to avoid bad hires and increase the interview success rate?
The screening and recruitment platform
Which of the following is an important strategic goal for your recruiting team?
- Improve by up to 80% the interview success rate
- Decrease by at least 30% the employment completion time
- Decrease by at least 25% of the costs per recruitment
You should know that starting June 2021, the business consulting boutique has launched in South East Europe a solution that answers all three statements above. is one of the most efficient and intuitive screening and recruitment platforms where you can create recruitment announcements asking the candidates to answers predefined screening questions during the application process. They can record their answers in video format directly on the platform.
Thus, together with the CV and their data, you will receive a set of video clips from the candidate that will help you get to know the person behind the CV better and make more objective and efficient recruitment decisions.

This method, known as " on-demand video interview", is not intended to replace traditional recruitment. It contributes to a more accurate candidate profile shaping with the help of videos with answers to screening questions, highlighting their personality and specific skills.
This new approach will streamline the parameters of the recruitment process (time, cost, etc.) and will help strengthen the employer brand image because it will improve the candidates' experience.

Both the candidates and the recruiters we have worked with so far acknowledge that including the on-demand video interview in the job application process has many benefits, in addition to the traditional, CV-only process.

For candidates, the most important benefits are that:
1. They can answer predefined interview questions when and where they are most comfortable, thus eliminating some of the anxiety created by the actual interview.
2. The process is much more straightforward and does not require them to complete many data fields.
3. The interview experience within the application process is less stressful than the interview itself because the platform allows them to re-record their video answers so that they do not feel compelled to do everything right in one go.

Recruiters said that the platform helped them to:
1. Solve a problem that most recruitment ads have, namely that they are impersonal and generic. This attracts many potential candidates whose profile is unsuitable for the company or the role.
2. Better understand the candidate's personality and discover some of their abilities, asking relevant questions and, as a result obtaining specific information from candidates. The videos highlighted the human side of the candidate, which a traditional CV and some evaluation notes cannot do, thus facilitating the decision-making process and allowing those involved to decide more quickly whether or not to continue with a particular candidate.
3. Perform the screening process faster, examining candidates by watching just a few minutes of video, instead of spending 15-20 minutes on the phone with each candidate and scheduling phone screening calls.

You can use the platform for FREE for 30 days. 
Visit or request a demo meeting by accessing the link below, and start recruiting using video interview on request.
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